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Who We Are

About Floppy Ear Beer

In March of 2020, something crazy happened. In what seemed like an instant the world and our daily lives came to a screeching halt thanks to the worldwide pandemic. After the first few months of lockdown were over and I ran out of house projects to do, I started wondering what now? Then one day while sitting out back while drinking a beer it hit me: Why don’t I start reviewing the beers I drink? I’m no expert but I know a decent amount about beer and live in microbrewery heaven.

I knew right away what I wanted to name this company: Floppy Ear Beer Company. Why you ask? My loveable puppy Parker has one classic German Shepherd style ear that stands straight up and one that decided it was going to flop over forever.

What started as a side project to review beer, Floppy Ear Beer has evolved into so much more than that.  One morning while watching Parker exuberantly play with a stick he found at the park it hit me: life should be about enjoying the moment with the things that bring us happiness.  Whether it’s a cold pint of craft beer, a competitive yard game in your backyard with friends or a game of fetch with a great stick you found, we’re here to help people focus on the good in the world.  We’ve become a lifestyle blog dedicated to building community and togetherness where everyone belongs.  

The best part though is that we aren’t just about sharing our thoughts on beer or sharing cute dog photos: Parker and I want to make a difference. That’s why I created an Etsy shop with awesome branded items. With each purchase you make, Floppy Ear Beer Company will donate 5% of profits to local animal shelters.  We want to give back so that others can experience the love and happiness a pet brings and help these pets find their forever home.

So join us on our mission to spread positivity and remind people to enjoy the little things that make us happy.  

Paws and drink good beer! Cheers!

– Mike & Parker

About Parker

On March 17th, 2019 my life changed forever. I made a trip down to the Irvine Animal Care Center “just to look” at a puppy I saw online. Thirty minutes after arriving I was on our way home with an 8-week-old German Shepherd/ Husky puppy. I had no idea what I was in for but I fell in love with Parker at first sight. He was quite the handful the first few months, acting more like a Velociraptor than a dog, but slowly I grew fonder of my little ball of fur. Fast forward to today and now I have a three-year-old puppy weighing in at 75 pounds who never stops playing or exploring and has truly become part of our family. Despite the blood, sweat and tears, Parker has turned into one of my best friends in life. We may be biased here at Floppy Ear Beer but we think our mascot is the best dog out there!

What People Say

I received two pint glasses last week and they’re fantastic!  They have a nice solid weight and are of good quality. They will definitely last for years to come.  Many good beers will be had with these pint glasses.”

Drew M.

Super stoked on my Floppy Ear Beer T-shirts I got! Great quality with the cutest beer company logo around! The stickers are the perfect size to add to my collection.

Lori B.

I received both a tank top and a sweatshirt from Floppy Ear Beer and I’m in love! The sweatshirt is so cozy and soft, and the tank top has a great fit. Love the logos and so happy to support a company that loves pups.

Martha W.

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